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apache air assault pc crack only-reloadedinstmank. btrfs support not working with apache 2.0.63 and apache 2.2.3. apache air assault pc crack only-reloadedinstmank. 0.0: Latest Apache Air Assault Crack No Survey. Apache Air Assault is a free game created by Miltech Media,. only-reloadedinstmank.Apache Air Assault Crack PC Game. only-reloadedinstmank.Q: Why does connection pooling not work as expected with hibernate's read-write-refresh cache? We are using hibernate 4.3.7.jre8.jar and we configured the following cache configuration The version is configured by hibernate.cache.default_cache_mode=REFRESH, so it should keep in memory the version from the database. We are using MSSQL as the database. When starting the application we first connect to the database, then get the version of the entity. Then we change the entity, get the changed version and save it to the database. We expected that the changes will be picked up from the cache and the only action that we need to do is changing the version (because this is the only change) and updating the database. But we are experiencing that when the entity is changed in the database and we run the entityManager.refresh(), it doesn't pick up the changes from the cache, but instead it re-load the version from the database, so it can't be used for anything because the cache value is wrong. This problem happens in a transactional entityManager, so the refresh method is actually hitting the database. We are seeing that if we remove the cache configuration then the cache works as expected, but we need the cache to work with read-write-refresh mode. We are able to reproduce the issue by going back and forth between entities with a specific version, and then changing the version, and then refreshing. For example, let's assume that entityA has version 1 and it gets refreshed, if we now try to refresh entityA with version 2, hibernate tries to read the cache value of version 1 and it finds nothing, then it reads the version from the database (so now the cache value is 2) be359ba680

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